Who we are

Renata and Fred met in 2008. A couple of years later, they had traveled to so many different countries that it was hard to keep up with their adventure stories, videos and pictures... So they decided to edit their first video, to share their travels with their families in a dynamic way. A love story turned into a video of each place they visited made family and friends feel closer to their experiences, and soon, even strangers began asking Renata & Fred to edit videos for them.

This made them realize how valuable it was to immortalize pivotal moments in life by making videos that are exciting to watch and easy to share. Video editing became their passion. 


Not long after that, they worked their way into the Wedding Industry, turning raw footage into unique love stories. That's how Wanderlust Videos was born! 


By editing wedding videos, we aim to make the couple, their loved ones and even strangers feel like they are a part of that special day every time they watch the video. Have you ever found yourself being moved by a wedding video you've watched many times before, or even by a stranger's video? That's what we mean.


With an extensive knowledge of the wedding industry, we know the challenges wedding filmmakers face. We aim to give solutions to our community. Editing with us will ensure you to get rid of your backlog, meet every deadline, and make the couples extra happy – all while gaining control of your free time again.


Wanderlust Videos was founded in 2014 in Miami, FL.

Currently, we edit 100+ wedding videos per month.


This is Renata

co-founder & owner

Meet our amazing team!