Wanderlust Videos is an online post-production company working to deliver high end engaging videos while making it fast and easy for you. We work with a great team of project managers, art directors and professional editors, who stand out for their creativity and attention to detail.

We offer video editing services for video production companies and professionals videographers who would rather focus on the core of their business, and simply rely the post-production process on us.

This business model allows companies to manage larger amount of projects, while trusting the post-production process will be dealt by professionals of the industry dedicated full-time to make the final cut look flawless.

Forget about spending long hours on finding the right person (or team) for your project.

We have developed an extensive selection process that guarantees to work only with the best post-production talents. Working 100% remotely allows us to team up TOP talent from around the globe.

To learn more, please visit our website section About.

We have offices and data centers in

  • Miami, Usa

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Working 100% remotely, we offer our services to clients worldwide.

For clients in the USA, please mail your HardDrive to:

8892 SW 220th ST
Cutler Bay, FL 33190

Post-Production Process

We work with an upmost lean process, offering a greatly time and cost effective service.

  1. Scenes/ music selection.

  2. Montage.

  3. Color Grading & Audio Correction.

  4. Delivery of Final Cut.

  5. Revisions.

Editing Style

We can either adapt to your style requirements OR you can let us choose a style that best suits your footage. Working with professional videographers and top post-production talents, we are always updated to the latest trends.

Turnaround Time

Standard Turnaround time is 21 days. After this, 2 rounds of revisions are included in the price.

Projects are delivered via Wipster.io for you to easily review and approved them. You can then download the original file from this same site.

Regarding Yours and your Client’s Privacy, we do not use nor share any raw footage outside the company unless we have written authorization via email to do so. All raw footage is deleted from our servers once the project is completed; this is, when the client is fully satisfied with the Final Cut and payment has been received in full.

All videos belong to "The Client" as for the Production process. However, post-production credit is given to Wanderlust Videos thus allowing Wanderlust Videos to share the complete videos or part of them for marketing purporses.

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