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Social Media Teaser  

Trailer Movie

3 to 5 minutes



Feature Films 

Archive Film

16 to 20 minutes



Clean Edit


Cinematic Full Film


Our services include...

  • Creative edit

  • Color correction & color grading

  • Audio correction & mix

  • Music licenses

  • 2 rounds of revisions

  • Final deliverables

Do not miss out on our package deals!

If you buy more than one video for the same wedding project, you will automatically get a special package price.

Check out some of our most popular combinations...

Pack 1


Trailer Movie (3-5 min)


Feature Film (16-20 min)

Pack 2


Trailer Movie (6-8 min)

+ Social Media Teaser

+ Archive Film 

Pack 3


Trailer Movie (3-5 min)

+ Feature Film (16-20 min)

+Ceremony Clean Edit

*All packages are 100% customizable. To try different package deals, go to the pricing section at our digital platform, select the videos you're interested in, simulate different combinations and check out the amazing discounted prices for each of them!

To receive our full price list and descriptions of each video

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