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TRY OUT - Wedding Video Edit


The test consists of editing a wedding video using footage from a real project that we have edited at Wanderlust Videos.


The objective of the test is to perform a simulation of how we work at Wanderlust Videos. The purpose is that you can see and understand our work process. And simultaneously, your editing style and level will be evaluated in order to join the team.


Steps to follow:


1. Download the footage


Below you will find raw footage of a wedding edited by Wanderlust Videos.


* Footage in LOG.


2. Edit the Video


Edit a Trailer Movie of 3 to 5 minutes, according to the editing style of Wanderlust Videos. Export in 1080p.


You can see plenty of examples on our Vimeo. And an Editing Guide is sent to you in case you want to dig deeper into our editing style.


IMPORTANT! Use watermark on the video.


3. Submit the video to Wanderlust Videos


Once you have finished the edit, send the final video to Wanderlust Videos through a shared Dropbox link. The file name must be FirstName+LastName of the candidate.


Please upload it in the following form:

5. The video will be reviewed by Wanderlust Videos


The video will be reviewed by our Quality Control team. A few days later, you will receive feedback from us along with the final answer of whether you got into the team or not.


WANDER TIPS! At the time we receive your test, the following aspects will be evaluated:


  • Creativity in storytelling.

  • Technical quality of the edit.

  • Editing times.

  • Good communication. 

  • Color correction and grading. Avoid washed out, over-exposed and saturated colors.

  • Soundtracks. We recommend choosing soundtracks that vary from calmer to a more energetic mood, and that you set the pacing of the video based on the music.

  • Audio/dialog selection.

  • Predisposition and response to feedback.

  • Ability to improve the video upon request from the QC Team.

  • Web-based platforms and other software skills (Dropbox, Wipster, etc.), and available resources (latest version of editing software, good internet connection).












​1. Payments


Payments vary according to the category in which the editor is within the organization, Junior, Semi-Senior and Senior. For example, the payment for a 3-5 minute Trailer Movie video (like the test video) is paid $132, $180, $220 usd respectively. Once the editor joins the Wanderlust team, the payment list for all types of videos is sent to them. 

Please note that the test video is not paid, this is why we ask for a watermark to be used on the films. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the skills of the editor.


2. Reviews


​All revisions, whether requested by the QC coach or by the client, are included in the project payment.


Review rounds vary based on the editor’s performance, but there are typically 3-4 rounds of revisions (2 internal with the QC specialist and 2 with the client). There are projects in which no revisions are made, neither internal nor from the client (they approve it without asking for any changes), this depends on how well the video was made on a technical level and also on the client’s opinion.

3. Footage download


We use Dropbox to download the raw footage of all projects, so it is very important to know how to use this tool. A project usually contains between 250 GB and 500 GB of raw footage. More than one camera is usually used to film a wedding. The raw footage is sent via Dropbox.

Join our team!

We recieved your test video and we will reach out to you in a few days!

For any questions you can contact us at:


​Good luck! We look forward to receiving your video :)

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