​Wanderlust Videos LLC is a post-production studio specialized in Weddings.


​We have been operating in the USA since 2015 and we have experienced continuous growth since then. Our company has a staff led by women and more than 40 editors.


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Work methodology


The work methodology is per project and 100% remote. We work through our own digital platform designed specifically for our needs.


Labor Relationship


​Joining the Wanderlust Videos team does not imply being employed in a dependency relationship. Our editors work as freelancers, per project.


Raw footage 


​Every project can contain between 250 GB and 500 GB of raw material. More than one camera is usually used to film a wedding. All media is sent via Dropbox.


Monthly amount of work


​It depends 100% on the performance of the editor. We have editors working full time on our staff.

Editing style


​We edit wedding videos in the United States. Therefore, it is essential to fully understand audios and texts in English.


The editing style is cinematic. Dialogues, vows and speeches play a key role in the making of the video.



Examples of our work:



Projects Duration


​The time assigned to the editor to deliver the first cut of the project varies between 7 to 10 days depending on the project.


​Once the first cut has been delivered, which must follow the organization's standards, you will have a Coach (Quality Control Specialist) who will carefully review the delivered video.


​The time it takes to edit the project depends on the editing speed and the time spent on the project by each editor.




​All revisions, whether requested by the QC coach or by the client, are included in the project payment.


Review rounds vary based on the editor’s performance, but there are typically 3-4 rounds of revisions (2 internal with the QC specialist and 2 with the client). There are projects in which no revisions are made, neither internal nor from the client (they approve it without asking for any changes), this depends on how well the video was made on a technical level and also on the client’s opinion.


Work procedure


​We work through our digital platform. When we have a new project to assign to you, we send you the proposal through the platform. At that time, the delivery date of the project and its payment are established.


You have a maximum period of 24 hours to accept or reject the project. Once the project is accepted, you can start downloading the footage.


When the video is ready, the Quality Control team will review it and request revisions/corrections.


​Once the video is approved by the coach or QC, it is sent to the client.


The client will send their feedback in the next few days. They will be able to approve the video or to request new rounds of revisions (included in the payment).


Once the client requests revisions, the corrected video must be delivered within 48 hours. The updated video is then reviewed by our QC team once more. The review process is repeated until the project is approved (usually two rounds).

When the project is approved, the project files of the project must be submitted. 



Payments are made in USD through Payoneer, once the project is finished. It is considered finished when it is approved by the client and the project files have been sent. Payouts vary by editor category: Junior, Semi-Senior, and Senior.

M&B TRAILER MOVIE, post-production by Wanderlust Videos
M&D Trailer Movie, Post-production by Wanderlust Videos





Wanderlust Videos is highly committed to its work team, which grows day by day.


Training and constant feedback are provided to the team, as well as access to didactic material to be able to carry out a high-level edition, access to various work platforms, and continuous work.


If you are interested in being part of the Wanderlust Videos team, do not hesitate to take the test.


Requirements - What are we looking for?


​                      - Proven professional experience.

                      ​- Advanced knowledge of Final Cut, Premiere Pro and/or DaVinci Resolve. In case of                                   handling more than one software, please specify.

                      ​- English - extensive understanding of audio and text.

                      ​- Knowledge of color and sound editing. The use of specific color correction software is                             a plus (DaVinci).

                      - Have 40 hours (or more) available per month.

If you think you’d be a good fit for this position, we invite you to take the editing test.

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