General Information

Who are we?  

We are a post-production studio specialized in wedding films. With 6+ years of experience in the wedding industry, we work to deliver high-end, engaging videos while making the post-production process simple & smooth for you. We are based in Miami, FL.

Can I send over all of my backlog to you?

For sure! You can request as many projects as you need. Our digital platform makes the process super clear and simple, so it'll only take you a couple minutes to load your project details and footage and we'll take care of the rest!

Do you edit non-weddings projects?

At Wanderlust Videos, we choose to focus on weddings only. For commercial, corporate and content videos please visit us at AfterWrap, our sister company: 



Do you provide music licensing?

Yes, we provide licensed soundtracks from leading music platforms such as Musicbed and Soundstripe.


How can I send the footage?

You can either send us your footage via Dropbox, or you can choose to mail a hard drive to our offices in Miami. Find below our shipping address:

8892 SW 220th ST

Cutler Bay, FL 33190 


Wandertip: Always make sure to back up your footage!


Do you keep the raw footage after a project is finished/approved?

No. Once the project has been approved and completed, all footage and project files are permanently removed from our servers and deleted.



How do you handle the editing process?

We use a digital platform specially developed for our needs, where you can easily request your project, see its real-time status, review the film, request revisions, approve the video and get the project files. It is very intuitive, clear and easy to use. It literally turns a 10-day job into a 10-minute task!


There is also a Project Manager assigned to every project, who will keep you updated on the process through the platform chat, and who will always be available for any questions or concerns you might have.


What is included in the price?

- Creative edit

- Color correction & color grading

- Audio correction & mix

- Music licenses

- 2 rounds of revisions

- Final deliverables


Can you match my editing style? 

Absolutely! We carefully study your style to be able to recreate it.


Can you use my LUT? ​

Sure. You will be given the option to request we use your LUTs when filling out the project brief on our digital platform!


Which editing software do you currently use?

We use FCPX and Premiere Pro.

What turnaround time can I expect?

Due to this unusually high season, our standard 3-week turnaround has been temporarily extended to 5 weeks. However, should your project have an urgent deadline, please contact us to check if we can accommodate you sooner. 

How does the revision process work?

Once edited, you'll be notified by email and on the digital platform that your film is ready to be reviewed. The revision process is really simple, allowing you to write all your comments on top of the video as you watch it. When you are done, simply click on the "The video needs revisions" button and we'll get right into it!

How long do revisions take?

The revisions take between 2-5 days.

What do the project files include?

They include: the final cut of your film + a .proproj or .xml file (depending the editing software used for the project) + all the assets you'll need to re-open the project on your end.


How do payments work?

Payments are processed through Paypal.